Here is some of the great feedback we have had about our Children’s writing workshops…

“I have rarely seen the kids so excited about writing!”
Mrs Scrase, Year 3 teacher, Surrey

“This was a fantastic workshop stimulating the kid’s creativity in every way. I can’t wait to see the book but the craft work the kids came up with to illustrate their story was really imaginative! Many thanks to Hilary and Victoria!”
Stephanie, Librarian at Brompton Road Library, London.

“Inspiring workshops! All the kids left bursting with enthusiasm
Kate, Library Manager, Surrey

“What a fantastic opportunity… Thank you so much for the work and effort into the project”
Mrs Pattini, 4N Teacher, Barnham Primary School, Brent

“It’s an invaluable project which gets children involved and encourages them to take ownership of the library”
Kim, Library Assistant, Brent 



Thank you notes from Hely and Parina, 4N Barham Primary School, Brent